AB-InBev Brewing Manufacturer

  • Project Date: 01.03.2018

  • Produced By:Steve Jones

  • Technologies: 

AB-InBev is a global brewing manufacturer. They are committed to driving growth through brands and experiences that bring people together – just as beer has done for thousands of years. In the UK, AB InBev employs around 1,000 people in two breweries and local headquarters. They are committed to driving growth through brands and experiences that bring people together – just as beer has done for millennia. Their UK’s leading premium beer and cider brands, include global brands Budweiser, Bud Light, Corona and Stella Artois; international brands Beck’s, Leffe and Hoegaarden; and local champions Bass and Boddingtons.  

 SPE has enjoyed the benefit of collaboration with AB-InBev for many years through offering our high voltage expertise and bespoke solutions. A recent example is highlighted in this case study. AB-Inbev approached SPE to extend their high voltage network for a new automation project. The area in the substations was limited, creating a problem to extend the obsolete equipment. It has been extremely satisfying to see the expertise, diligence, and professionalism of the team at SPE Energy manifest in this unique product. Our new switchgear product, the Orion offers a unique way of extending the SWS range without the need for a joggle box (adaptor chamber) – saving space and additional cost. The Orion can be used as a standalone synchronising panel, a full switchboard and, in this case, as a solution to extend obsolete equipment.   

 The Orion uses the latest advanced technology and manufacturing process adopting an environmentally friendly approach with the use of Vacuum interrupters that replace the need for oil or SF6. It also uses the time proven method of vertical isolation with the facility to earth the cable or the busbar circuit maintaining the existing philosophy. The Orion also compliments our new retrofit range that can also be utilised to enhance the life of the existing switchgear and replace oil circuit breakers, OCB roll out VCB roll in. That technology is also being used at AB-InBev and is highlighted in additional case studies. 

 One of the biggest challenges during the install was winter weather conditions with heavy snow. A planned install on the 02 March 2018, meant the beast from the east was upon us and created major problems for our site team and the team at the brewery, not to mention the rest of the UK. Our commitment to ensure the project was delivered to AB-InBev’s deadline meant digging out a path to the main road for company vehicles from our workshop in Abercarn.  During communication with the project team one of the sites senior authorised persons involved in the switching was stranded and unable to get to site. We contacted him and arranged a detour to ensure everyone turned up at site at the same time. Focusing on our customer and finding ways to meet their requirements – even with unforeseen setbacks – enabled us to deliver to expectations and for a  successful project through continuous collaboration. 


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