WHY SPE ENERGY Switchgear Product Enhancement SPE Energy refurbish and/or replace existing HV/MV Switchgear Products to extend plant life cycle economically WHY SPE ENERGY

RVCB and HV Switchboard Installation, Testing and Commissioning

Electrician working at electric panel

High Voltage Switchgear Testing

Protection Testing

Protection Upgrades, Testing & Commissioning

The protection scheme is central to any power distribution system. Many protection schemes use obsolete Electro-Mechanical Relays, which we replace with Modern Intelligent Electronic Devices. We have more than 40 years of experience in the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of Protection Panels and Schemes, working with Relays from ABB, Siemens, Alstom Grid and Schneider Electric

Factory Acceptance Testing

We offer a range of Factory Acceptance Tests at our facility in Abercarn, which can be tailored to our customers’ requirements

HV Maintenance Services

Transformer Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Servicing & Upgrading

We Install, Test and Commission New or Refurbished Transformers, and are familiar with the majority of manufacturers


Transformer Testing Includes

VT’s  CT’s Upgrading 


Switchgear Refurbishment

We maintain SWS Type ET, UE, EM And EO1 Switchgear, as well as Switchgear from a wide range of other manufacturers.

We also work with an increasing number of customers who want to safer option of operating their Switchgear remotely. Understand customer requirements is the first step. Thereafter, we Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission Retrofit Electrical Switchgear Control Systems to meet their requirements.

In addition, we provide Controls to raise and lower Vertically Isolated Switchgear remotely. Many older ranges of Switchgear use Umbilical Leads to connect  secondary wiring between the circuit breaker’s moving and fixed portions. We can Design, Manufacture, Install and Commission Umbilical Leads tailored to your needs.

SPE Energy specialise in the provision of reliable engineering and cost effective solutions