Protection Testing and Commissioning Services

Protection Testing and Commissioning Services

Protection Grading is an important requirement in the electrical network to ensure discrimination and selectivity of downstream faults

It is of vital importance that the protection on any distribution network operates swiftly, correctly and that all the various relays grade to ensure that in the event of a fault the affected part of the network is isolated swiftly. The speedy operation of the protection system minimises the stress which the network is subjected to and limits the damage which can be caused to the network resulting from the flow of fault current.

Protection Services Include

  • Overcurrent and earth fault schemes
  • Directional overcurrent and earth fault schemes
  • Differential schemes
  • Bias differential schemes
  • Unit protection schemes
  • Time limit fuse schemes
  • Buchholz protection schemes
  • Restricted earth fault schemes
  • Stand-by earth fault schemes
  • Neutral voltage displacement schemes
  • Bus zone schemes
  • Frame leakage schemes

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