ORiON 12 kV Withdrawable Switchgear 
being used to extend a South Wales Switchgear Low Type Unit

The ORiON Metal Clad range of 12 kV vacuum switchgear, utilised the well proven vertically isolated, horizontally withdrawable, integrally earthed concept. The ORiON switchgear has been designed with the specific object of providing customers with truly withdrawable switchgear based on well - established and preferred operating procedures complying with the latest IEC standards.

It is a cost-effective solution to extend historic air-insulated 12 kV switchboards within the 530mm width of the ORiON panel, without the requirement of a busbar adaptor chamber


  • Rated voltage up to 12 kV 
  •  Rated short circuit breaking current 25 kA 
  • Rated short time current 3 seconds 
  • Rated peak withstand current 62.5 kAp 
  • Rated peak making current 62.5 kAp 
  • Rated normal current 400/630, 800, 1250A 

Applicable Standards:

  • IEC 62271 – 100
  • IEC 62271 - 200
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