Installation and Commissioning Services

Installation and Commissioning Services

We have extensive experience in installing and commissioning high voltage distribution equipment, both new and refurbished

High Voltage Switchgear Testing

  • AC pressure testing of the primary circuit
  • AC pressure testing of the secondary circuit
  • Current transformer mag curves, flick, ratio tests
  • Voltage transformers polarity and ratio check
  • Primary injection testing of protection relays
  • Secondary injection testing of protection relays
  • Circuit breaker timing testing
  • Functionality checks

Protection Testing

  • Overcurrent and earth fault schemes
  • Directional overcurrent and earth fault schemes
  • Differential schemes
  • Bias differential schemes
  • Unit protection schemes
  • Time limit fuse schemes
  • Buchholz protection schemes
  • Restricted earth fault schemes
  • Stand by earth fault schemes
  • Neutral voltage displacement schemes
  • Bus zone schemes
  • Frame leakage schemes

Transformers Testing

  • High voltage winding insulation resistance
  • Low voltage winding insulation resistance
  • Winding ratio testing
  • Buchholz relay testing
  • Oil sampling and testing

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