ORiON 12 kV Withdrawable Switchgear

The ORiON Metal Clad range of 12 kV Vacuum switchgear, utilised the well proven vertically isolated, horizontally withdrawable, integrally earthed concept. The ORiON switchgear has been designed with the specific object of providing customers with truly withdrawable switchgear based on well - established and preferred operating procedures complying with the latest IEC standards.

It is a cost-effective solution to extend historic air-insulated 12 kV switchboards within the 530mm width of the ORiON panel, without the requirement of a busbar adaptor chamber.

The ORiON panel also allows the extension of existing compound filled switchboards within the 530 mm width of the ORiON panel with the addition of a 250mm compound extension chamber incorporated in the ORiON panel.

This unique feature is ideally suited where space is limited. It also enables customers to maintain the same operating procedures as the existing switchboards.

The panel provides a versatile solution, which can be used to extend single busbar switchboards, or either the back or front busbars of double busbar switchboards.

The benefits of ORiON include:

  • Truck mounted vacuum circuit breaker
  • Bespoke protection and control
  • Ample accommodation for the current transformer
  • Full remote control
  • Fully interlocked
  • Integral earthing on all panels for both busbar and feeder circuit positions, clearly identified and having a positive location in each position, achieved by a selector device
  • Automatic safety shutters cover high voltage connections when the circuit breaker is in the isolated position which can be padlocked in the closed position. The shutters can be manually operated and held in the open position to allow testing. They automatically close when the circuit breaker is installed in the unit
  • Facility to remotely rack the circuit breaker into the selected position behind closed doors, providing addition operator safety
  • Option of bottom or top entry rear cable box
  • Provides a compact commercially-attractive solution, allowing SWS, GEC, AEI, Reyroll, Brush units to be extended without the requirement of busbar adaptor chambers


  • Rated voltage up to 12 kV
  • Rated short circuit breaking current 25 kA
  • Rated short time current 3 seconds
  • Rated peak withstand current 62.5 kAp
  • Rated peak making current 62.5 kAp
  • Rated normal current 400/630, 800, 1250A
  • Rated basic impulse level 75 & 95 kVp
  • Rated frequency 50 Hz
  • Rated power frequency 28 kV for 1 minute
  • Rated arc fault containment 25 kA for 1 sec FLR
  • Mechanical endurance class M2 10,000 operations

Applicable Standards:

  • IEC 62271 – 100
  • IEC 62271 - 200
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